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Red Silk Threads

because there is a reason behind every meeting

Welcome to my new home. It's still fairly new and it will take some time to prettify the place but am I sure glad to be here at long last. New LJ. I suppose could signify a new life and stuff like that. I swear, I've been dying to recreate myself and be a better person.
Let's hope that happens.
There can only be two reasons why you're here:

1. I told you to come here
2. Someone else told you to come here.

Now, if it isn't so much on your part... Please don't talk about the fact I have moved out of my old LJ and into another now... I would like to keep my people in check. After all the reason why I had moved out in the first place was to avoid someone totally... Since I didn't feel like doing a friends-cut (Yeah with JUST HER)... So I decided to just sneak away from her quietly...
And if you feel like sharing my LJ please direct them directly to me... Then I'll see if they can see my LJ. God, I feel weird writing this... o.o

I know I'm no celebrity (Like I wish I were >.>) and my F-List is small but please... I just want to keep it small.
Oh yeah. Since this is a new account, I will have to rejoin all my comms and stuff all over again. Sounds like a chore but not to worry, tish my burden not yours anyway. XD

There. I think I've explained myself much. ^^'

Updated Interests List! The one at the 0701987 is now officially obsolete. w00t. --- Damn it. Why is there a limit as to how many interests you can list anyway?!
abjd, ada wong, adobe photoshop, aeris gainsborough, akira kurosawa, akira kurosawa films, albert wesker, alichino, alucard, angel sanctuary, angura kei, anime, another cell, art, ash, ashley riot, atsushi sakurai, bara no versailles, berubara, bio hazard series, birdman, blood hound, bloody countess, buck-tick, butterflies, cain, carmilla, casino lily, castlevania, cerberus project, chihaya, chobits, chocolates, clamp, cloud strife, count cain, count d, dakkanya, delf, dhampirs, dolkot, dollshe, dorothy, dracula, dream of doll, earthian, ega, egl, elfdoll, eve of destiny, f/f, fanfiction, fashion, femslash, ffvii, ffvii:ac, gackt, galerians, gender sensitivity, genroku period, getbackers, ghost in the shell, ghosts, gorgeous carat, harudaki, hide, history, hora, jrock, kabuki, kagetsuya, kaggra, kamimura ukyou, kaori yuki, kaya, kazuki takashima, kouyu shurei, kuja, legends, leon orcot, leon scott kennedy, lj icons, lord yui, ludwig ii, ludwig kakumei, luts, m/m, machiavellianism, malice mizer, manga, marquis de sade, masamune shirow, matsuri akino, mayonaka tantei nightwalker, memes, moi dix mois, motoko kusanagi, mp3s, music, mythology, niccolo machiavelli, nobuo uematsu, noh, oniisama e, origa, petshop of horrors, ps2, psx, ramen ikaga?!, resident evil series, rion steiner, rudolf steiner, ryoko ikeda, sarah brightman, schloss neuschwanstein, schwarz stein, seimaden, seme, sephiroth, sex, shin petshop of horrors, shirou tatsuhiko, shotacon, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, slash, smut, soom, square-enix, squaresoft, sugizo, sweets, sydney losstarot, tetsuya nomura, tsugiri, vagrant story, vampire hunter d, vincent valentine, visual kei, volks, webdesign, yaoi, yoko kanno, yoshitaka amano, you higuri, youka nitta, yuffie kisaragi, yun kouga, yuri, zack